Thursday, February 21, 2008

Never Look Down At People...

I realised some of us sometimes do look down at people.. please dont. We are all human, created by God with weakness and gifts. Semua tu pemberian Allah and we as a khalifah perlu rasa bersyukur dengan segala pemberianNya, walaupun banyak dugaan untuk kita.

I really bengang with someone nie... Mentang-mentang dia punya position lagi tinggi, berlagak... ces... dasar tak mandi pagi... Actually he did irritated me for a few times. Konon-konon nak tunjuk bagus dekat aku and ambik kau, ingat aku nak diam ajer...

The first time he done this to me was somewhere in end of 2004 or early 2005. He asked me if I do know anybody in UKM (sebab he did his degree in UKM). I said yes, i know. I told him my husband in UKM and korang tahu what did he said? "As what? Working in Library ha?"
I did asked him why he said like that and his answer is very simple... "Nothing la, normally in INTI most of the Malays working in the Library." Damm you... And aku tak tunggu lama nak 'bagi' dia cukup-cukup... "Nolah, he is in Architecture Department. Lecturing". Terus dia diam.

The second time was when both of us went out for lunch with Indonesian delegates. He asked me about Azimin and I told him that Azimin is in study leave but still doing some part-time teaching. Oh.. tiba2 dia jadi berlagak kata "I'm going to finish my PhD soon. That's mean, I'm getting a Dr. earlier that your husband."

Hahaha... dia nak shoot silap orang... and my andwer was "Really? My husband targeted to complete it within 2 years sebab government will give 2 tangga kenaikan if they complete PhD within 2 years. You are doing it for 6 years right? He going to get his Dr. at the age of 36 paling lambat (insyaallah... amin)" Merah telinga dia... ambik kau...

The most incident that irritated me was on 18th Feb 2008, when he called me due to my resignation letter. He asked me what i'm going to do after this... Asking me when I'm going to start my new job and where i going to work later. I told him i'm not going to other company, I will run my own set-up. Tahu apa dia kata?

"Are you going to sell nasi lemak tepi jalan?" (laughing)...
My answer? "Hey, why are you laughing? People selling nasi lemak tepi jalan sometimes more richer than us."
Terus dia senyap... And then, aku terpaksa bagitahu apa yang aku akan buat after this... Dia sempat tanya, what is my husband position in UKM now... my answer? "He has a few positions, appointed by Dato' Sharifah (the UKM's VC) - Pensyarah Kanan (he just got promoted, alhamdulillah), Penasihat Arkitek and Saintis Penyelidik (Felo Penyelidik) selain daripada Inventor...

Aku suka tengok muka dia masa tu. Tercengang-cengang dengar cerita aku... And, aku akan buat sesuatu supaya dia tak pandang rendah pada aku within this few weeks... Tengoklah nanti...

I Have Done ONE, 9 To Go

Still remember about my AZAM 2008? Just a quick flashback....

1. To stabilize Archiforce Invent & Gaia Arts & Gifts.
2. To make a come back for Anggun Maya.
3. To resign from _ _ _ _ (tak lama lagi, insyaallah)
4. To convert Archiforce Invent as a Sdn Bhd company.
5. To spend time with my family @ vacation.
6. To make sure our honeymoon jadi kenyataan (inilah yang tiap2 tahun, tiap2 bulan dicakapkan, tapi tak pernahnya jadi!!!)
7. To get back my old figure & body (nak kurus lah… )
8. To save more and more money…
9. To open an account in Tabung Haji.
10. Lagi satu… Nak menambahkan harta (insyaallah)

I always set 10 AZAM TAHUN BARU every year. Easy to monitor. Lagipun senang nak kira... Yes, i have done ONE, 9 to go...

18th February 2008, Monday...

I woke up early in the morning with an inspiration. The inspiration that comes once in a while... hahaha... How should I say? Actually, to be sincere, I did tell some of the people that I will only do it at the end of the month. But I'm not sure why, when I opened my eyes on that Monday morning, terus ada semangat.

YES, I'm talking about my resignation from INTI. A tough decision after being with INTI for quite sometimes... Its not an easy things... a lot of factors need to be considered and finally, I'm strong enough for it...

Only a few close friends know what is the actual reasons - not satisfied with a few things... i know it happened everywhere... tak puas hati dengan itu, not satisfied with this, but as for me, i keep it too long sampai dah tak tahan lagi dah...

working with cha ya nun alip bukan perkara senang... macam-macam dah jadi and macam-macam yang dah aku alami... dipendekkan cerita, i'm not happy with the way most of the things that created by the surrounding people. Really... How do you feel if...

1. There are a few teams in the faculty. each teams handling a few particular programs. and my team (2 heads, me and my assistant, which 4 of us in total) handling 4 programs with 2 new program which will be started soon. the total of students under our concern are more than 500 students.

Another team of the faculty, handling only 2 programs, with not even half of my students and their team is having more staff??? When we all semua berhempas pulas buat kerja, kena stayback sampai malam, dengan tak dapat claim OT, dengan macam2 projects + assignments from oversea university... the other team boleh lepak-lepak, taking extra hours of lunch time, balik rumah on time, bila ada kerja sikit, membebelnya bukan main panjang...

2. My principal is easy... "AKU TAK KACAU KAU, KAU JANGAN KACAU AKU"... Kan senang if people understand what does it mean... If aku tak pernah heran kau hilang time office, aku tak pernah bising kau hanging on the phone sampai berejam, aku tak pernah complain bila kau pergi breakfast sampai satu jam... Kau jangan sibuk-sibuk hal aku... Easy right?

Since I'm in INTI, I never go out for breakfast during the working hours. Paling koman pun, I bought my breakfast and eat in the office. So, why this people tak boleh tengok orang senang? Why this people try to 'kacau' my team punya hal?

3. I'm a very simple person when I'm in the office. You guys can ask my staff... sometimes, i dont mind doing and helping others. I'm not a person yang nak take advantage on others. And, I'm very flexible with my staff... Dia datang lambat, asal dia beritahu, aku ok. dia ada hal nak keluar, aku ok, anak dia sakit, dia nak balik awal, aku ok... nobody perfect kan? What I always do, we cover each other... some goes for me and my Heads... We are comfortable with it.

Then, why others so sibuk2?

And friends, after all the hardworks, all the LAN (now MQA) documentations preparation, all the Univ of Hertfordshire Validation documents, the new course development... apa yang aku dapat? Not even a word of THANK YOU.

# Bonus? Hampeh... Tak sampai 1 month. But just wondering why INTI Subang dapat 1 month full, MIMS dapat 2 months??? Kerja, semua kitaorg yg kat HQ buat...

# Increament? Ada ker patut the faculty recommended me for 1.5 points... Nasib baik when the Management called me, the Mgmt wondering why the percentage given to me and the point was not balance... so, they said, "you deserve more than 1.5"

With my resignation (and Lawrence too), i believe they are going to have a tough time for Accounting Programme. Belief me, we never plan to tender our resignation on the same time. It just a co-incident. But, thanks God for the co-incident.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream Comes True...

Have you ever got a chance to get what you have dream? It must be amazing, right?

Azimin always mention to me... "Biar berangan dulu... Tak salah berangan. It will motivate you to work hard to achieve it"...

That is Azimin... I know him. He will work for what he has dream... Tak percaya? Selalunya, apa yg dia dok mimpi-mimpikan, tup... tup... tup, dapat. Tapi, setakat hari nie tak de satupun yang jatuh tergolek depan mata, yang jatuh terlepuk dari langit... Semuanya with his hard work...

You guys will know what I mean later... Give me a week to show it to you guys... Ok? I promise... I will put up the pics as a proof...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parlimen Dibubarkan

PUTRAJAYA 13 Feb. - Parlimen dibubarkan hari ini bagi membolehkan pilihan raya umum ke-12 diadakan.

Serentak dengan itu semua Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) kecuali Sarawak , turut dibubarkan.

Pengumuman pembubaran Parlimen itu dibuat Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Ia dibuat selepas Perdana Menteri menghadap Yang di-Pertuan Agong di Istana Negara pagi ini bagi mendapatkan perkenan Seri Paduka.

Berikut adalah transkrip penuh kenyataan akhbar Perdana Menteri pada sidang akhbar khas di Pejabat Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya pada pukul 12.35 tengah hari ini:

``Saya ingin mengumumkan mengenai pembubaran parlimen pada hari ini setelah mengadap Yang di-Pertuan Agong pada pagi ini.

``Yang di-Pertuan Agong berkenan untuk membubarkan parlimen berkuat kuasa hari ini bagi membolehkan pilihan raya umum ke-12 dijalankan.

``Yang di-Pertuan Agong menandatangani perisytiharan pembubaran parlimen.

``Dengan itu, kerajaan-kerajaan negeri turut dinasihatkan membubar Dewan Undangan Negeri berkuat kuasa pada hari yang sama.

`` Su ruhanjaya Pilihan Raya juga sudah dimaklumkan mengenai perkara ini.”

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sampai Syurga

I heard this song this morning thru Hot FM. Actually, I heard it earlier from his CD but masa tu setakat dengar jer. tak de la sampai betul2 feel menusuk kalbu... but this morning (masa tu seorang2 dalam kereta), its really sampai... deep into my heart... the lyric memang feel habis... Ditambah lagi dengan suara Faizal Tahir... Alamak oiii...

Ku membenarkan jiwaku
Untuk mencintaimu
Ku persembahkan hidupku
Untuk bersama kamu

Dan diriku untuk kamu
Belum pernah kumerasai begitu

Semua itu telah berlalu
Harapanku palsu
Dan mungkin hari yang satu
Terus ku tertunggu

Di hatiku masih kamu
Belum pernah ku ingin terus memburu

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu

Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik untuk diriku
Hanya satu
Hanya kamu

Ku membiarkan hatiku
Untuk merinduimu
Ku menghamparkan sakitku
Untuk tatapan kamu

Bersamamu harapanku
Hilang dalam terang yang membutakanku

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu

Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cintamu
Hanya kamu

Dan segala yang ku ada
Ku berikan semua
Untuk dirimu saja

Ku mahu dirimu
Bahagia untuk selamanya
Biar sampai syurga
Aku menunggu cinta darimu
Agar ku sempurna

Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu
Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik tuk diriku

Hanya satu

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu

Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cintamu
Hanya kamu

[Sampai Syurga lirik on ]

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kalis Rindu - Elyana

Desiran daun dihembus angin
Tin kosong dan tong golek ke kaki
Membelah sunyiku

Menonton bayang wajahmu di minda
Kala ku sendirian terpisah jauh
Beerti tanpamu

Babak penantian
Satu ujian
Sekuat mana cinta

Ku tak mungkin
Kalis rindu
Kalis pilu
Bila kau tiada bersamaku
Pendam rindu
Pendam pilu
Hingga kau menjelma ah au…

Berdiri ditingkap merenung ke luar
Lihat kekasih ku yang basah berjalan dalam hujan
Beserta senyuman
Lama ku nantikan

(Ulang bridge & korus)

Sekian detikan waktu berlalu
Di alam berkasih
Menjadi rakaman yang berharga
Tak terharga yang berharga

My Favorites Singers...

Dah terlanjur bercakap pasal AJL tadi, why not I just continue to write about my favorites singers in Malaysia. Kang kalau tulis pasal international singers kang, banyak pulak merapunya...

I love to see Allycats performed their song. Seriously... When they performed @ PJ Hilton dulu, full house. What I like most about Allycats? Their evergreen songs. Choosing the song to be in the ablum is the most important process sebab kalau tersilap pilih lagu, siapa nak dengar lagu hangpa? cuba hari nie dengar lagu Allycats yang diaorang nanyi 30 tahun lepas and I believe, most of us still remember their songs...

I still remember the first song that I know (Allycats song) is Sampaikanlah Salam... "Sampaikanlah salam cintaku padanya, walaupun terluka namunku masih cinta..." And that song was sang during some function masa I was in Sek. Rendah Keb. Jalan Bukit 2 Kajang dulu. Masa tu I was in Standard One...

I do love Elyana' vocal and style. Ramai member2 kat office yang kata depa menyampah tengok Elyana nanyi tak pakai kasut.Sukahati dialah nak pakai kasut ke tak... I'm very sure yang she can effort to buy shoes tinggal, I believe, she is not only a singer, she is a performer as well. sebab tu kelainan tu perlu...

I started to listen to Elyana's songs masa lagu Tak Tercapai Akalmu and Diriku Tapak Sulaiman. Masa lagu dia from her first album (Niat if i'm not mistaken), aku tak berapa suka. Dengar lagu dia yg awal2 dulu, macam suara & style KLON. and, lagu Tak Tercapai Akalmu shows the real Elyana. Then, bila lagu Kau & Aku (main tarik tali), I can see Elyana become more and more matured in choosing the songs for her album. She has her own style and characters... And bila lagu Kalis Rindu keluar (seriously, even dah dengar berpuluh kali, aku still confius apa yang Elyana nanyi) tapi aku rasa lagu tu sedap... Tiap kali lagu Kalis Rindu, aku sanggu tunggu dalam kereta walaupun aku dah sampai kat office. Aku suka yang part dia cakap '.... dalam hujan...'

Bravo Elyana... You find your identity and I believe, Aidit Alfian songs suit your vocal.

Another singer yang memang aku minat maut is Faizal Tahir. I started to admire his character, his vocal and his strengths masa dia nanyi lagu Kenangan Terindah with his own style dalam OIAM. Fuh! Menusuk Kalbu. Masa final OIAM, time Awal & Marrion announced that Faizal had the lowest vote, Azimin and me terus vote and vote and vote (even tak menang, tak pe la). Maha Karya Cinta is the best manuscripts ever after. I wish Audi Mok tak serik to compose more creative song for him. Those who really understand Faizal Tahir, they can find the differences between Faizal Tahir in Maha Karya Cinta and Faizal Tahir in Kasih Tercipta.

From one controversy to another controversy coloured Faizal Tahir's journey. Aku tak kata aku agree dengan apa yang dia lakukan tapi, kalau kita lihat dari sudut lain, Faizal Tahir is someone yang creative, energatic but still can sing romantic song with his rock voice. Aku nampak yang dia boleh pergi jauh. Tak banyak penyanyi lelaki kat Malaysia nie yang ada package macam Faizal Tahir. I listened to his songs @ Batu & Golek... Its lovely.

I went to the Super Hero shop in One Utama, a week after he was banned by appering in TV. Full!!! Ramainya orang yang keluar masuk pilih t-shirt Superman... I bought 1 for Azimin as a b'day present (belated, after so long thinking of what to buy) and 2 for me (hehehe.. aku kan selalu nak lebih). While waiting for Azimin masuk fitting room (if you know Azimin, he will try and try and try... and me? ambik baju tu letak kat badan, ukur bahu sikit, oklah tu... I only go to fitting room kalau shopping bukan masa sale and weekend). Sambung balik, sempat borak2 with the salegirls kat situ... Diaorg kata, since Faizal Tahir punya controversy, asal hari Jumaat sampai Ahad jer, kedai diaorg punya la ramai orang... Friends, t-shirt satu pun dekat RM 100 and kalau orang macam aku nie tiap2 hari datang beli kat kedai dia, berapa yer...

To Faizal Tahir, you have a long way to go and please take care of yourself carefully. Entertainment industry is something "nice to see, once broken, consider sold".

AJL 22

Macam tak percaya... Azimin and me went to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil to experience Anugerah Juara Lagu 22 live.... Actually, we won tickets masa Hot FM Myvi Zoomers datang Nilai hari tu. We won quite a number of prizes; Hero's Calender, Faizal Tahir's CD, car shaders, sabun basuh la... and AJL tickets.

Masa dapat tu happy sangat sebab Azimin & memang minat sangat kat Faizal Tahir. Berkobar-kobar nak pergi... tup tup, since Faizal Tahir's contreversies, he has been banned from AJL. Sedih sangat tapi, pegi jelah... Dapat seat Platinum, yang kat tengah2... betul2 depan stage...

AJL performances? To be sincere, I love to see Estrange, Jac & Lah, Mawi and Bob performances. Estrange - very energetic and tersendiri. yang pergi tengok live kat stadium will understand what do i mean. Jac, Lah & Bob - their vocal memang power and memang meremang bulu roma bila dengar. Mawi punya performance best, magic & happening. Suara Mawi masa performed tu tak koyak and dia tak semput even dia kena banyak menari...

Sahri punya performance ok tapi to be sincere, I prefer Kaer voice to sing Izinkan Ku Pergi. Lagu tu memang suit dengan Kaer's voice yang ala-ala romantic tu. Walau apapun, syabas Sahri, moga rezeki Sahri melimpah selepas ini.

In my personal opinion (I repeat, my personal opinion) Fiq dah cuba sedaya-upaya to sing Maha Karya Cinta. In other way, dia dah buat yang termampu, yang terbaik dalam jangka masa yang singkat. Even aku tak rasa SOUL Fiq dalam Maha Karya Cinta, tapi aku tahu dia dah cuba. Sebabnya, it's not an easy song. To sing that song, FEEL kena betul and to me, Maha Karya Cinta that sang by Faizal Tahir lah yang complete 'soul'nya... The singer of Maha Karya Cinta need a fantastic energy, a romantic mood, which in the same time kena ada rasa 'down to earth' and harapan yang tinggi. Apapun, syabas Fiq atas usaha anda.

Aku paling tak berkenan dengan style Andy Floop Poppy menyanyi. Tak serius langsung. Suara pun tak keluar (in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, totally tak keluar langsung suara dia but bila keluar kat TV, ada la sikit suara). Compare dengan Misha yang bersungguh2 performed, aku memang frust sebab lagu2 Misha selama nie memang menjadi. Rasanya, percubaan Nafas Cahaya and Sembunyi Misha memang menjadi sebab suara Misha memang sesuai dengan lagu2 berentak macam nie... May be, untuk duet, Misha kena cuba cari partner lain... Bob ke, Anuar Zain ke or Hazami. Rich punya vocal pun not bad...

Tak rugi sebenarnya Rich jadi orang ke 3 dan pelajar lelaki pertama yang tersingkir masa AF 4 dulu. Kalau nak diikutkan dari segi kejayaan dan pengiktirafan, rasanya finalist AF 4 pun kebanyakannya tak menonjol. Lepas habis AF, habislah... Mungkin rezeki Rich ditambah pula dengan faktor kewangan yang menyokong kumpulan Estrange.

Sofaz ada good vocal. Aku tak nafikan Sofaz nampak rileks masa performed malam tu. Cuma, kesian diaorang, tak dapat tajaan baju kot...

Any comments? Memang aku sengaja tak komen pasal hajah datin seri tu... takut kontroversi gitu....