Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here you are. After being quiet for a while, now i'm back!!! I'm really busy, very tight schedules right after I'm back from Langkawi.

Right after a Langkawi trip, we attended Kyled & Ajak wedding at Cheras. The day after that, I started by new job @ Seremban. The first 2 weeks I was PJ for training. Then, I was busy with the Open Day. Working 2 weeks straight without a day of rest memang penat sangat.

After that, I was busy with all the MQA matters plus some staff hiring matters. Huah!!! Really tough!!! Now, some preparations need to be done for new semester planning, etc... Not easy.

Penat? Of course!!!

Azimin was busy as well, thats why I need to concentrate with Anggun & Alam at night. Azimin won a gols for his new invention called esCUBE (a kiosk with a solar energy) and a bronze for a street light (i forgot what is the name for the light). Tu yang busy tu...

Azimin was in Astro Awani for U-Wartawan program (live tele-cast) on 16th March 2009, 10pm. And a day after that, Tuesday, 17th March 2009, we were interviewed by RTM for PERSONALITY program. According to the producer, the program is on Thursday, 10am. She will keep us informed. The interview covered Azimin's projects, inventions, arts, academic and not forget, his personal life with family.

They interviewed me as well, asking on my sokongan, dorongan & harapan for Azimin. To be sincere, I am very happy for Azimin's achievement so far after all the sacrifaction. YES, its not easy for him to be in this position.

Conclusion, either Azimin or me, we went through a very tough route to be in our current position. And thanks GOD for the patience given to us....