Sunday, April 6, 2008

13 Ways To Delegate Work Effectively

Something for us to think...

By Tim Connor
The Star, 5th April 2008

1. Delegate a task if someone else can do it, wants to do it, needs to do it or likes to do it.
2. When you delegate responsibility, also delegate the authority to use the resources to get it done.
3. Delegate results, not necessarily the methods.
4. When you delegate something, don’t take it back.
5. Ensure the person understands what you have delegated to him / her and WHY.
6. Set benchmarks or checkpoints and then leave them alone.
7. Reinforce positive results and give feedback on negative results.
8. Communicate clear instructions, expectations and guidelines.
9. Use delegation as a staff development tool.
10. Resist the tendency to over-inspect.
11. Ask for regular written or verbal reports.
12. Remember what you delegated and to whom.
13. See failure as necessary if people are willing to stretch, learn and grow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Quite a number of people asking why I'm leaving my current job... My answer, I have to concentrate on my current set-up. Yes, Archiforce Invent is growing and we need people to really take care of it. Anggun Maya dah start nak buat come back and we are getting more and more responses. Gaia Arts & Gifts has a lot of work to be done, from developing the current business, planning the new oppurtunities and running the Azimin's Masterpiece Projects. Quite a number of artworks yang dah dapat attention from few art galleries. Katering Rahsia Bonda already started the operation and jobs are coming and coming...

Tiap-tiap hari, I'm the first person to wake-up in the morning, siapkan Anggun, send Anggun to school, going to work... Balik kerja, malam sambung pulak kerja from all the companies till late night.

And I have been resting from 'developing a creative idea' for my novels. Yang sempat just articles for magazines. Itu ajer yang termampu. And, rezeki tak pernah putus kata orang... Aku really enjoy writting and tambah happy bila the readers happy to read. Puas. Thanks God for the gift. Bukan semua orang ada kelebihan macam nie and I really appreciate the art skill that given to me.

Tapi, ada something yang tak ramai orang tahu. The reason behind... I was so fed-up with the 'office politics' yang makin menyakitkan hati. I'm a very straight forward person. My expressions (body & face) never lie and it really show the truth... I will voice out apa yang aku tak suka, I will tell people whatever yang aku tak agree since I know my work well.

I'm not a person yang suka membodek... Or some people called it as "KIPAS BONTOT", POLISH SHOES" etc... Sorry, it's not me... Jadi, fahamlah sendiri kan why my increament is not as high as others, why my bonus satu bulan pun susah nak dapat and why some people selalu lupa my name bila ada benda2 yang menguntungkan macam DAPAT ANGPOW, DAPAT EXTRA BENDA2, DAPAT AWARD, DAPAT NAMA, etc. Tapi, bila nak bagi kerja, nak humban kerja2 yang orang lain tak nak buat, nak mintak tolong buat itu ini, nak suruh jadi kuli (sampai kerja buat air, angkat barang - tak kisahlah barang tu berat ke tidak, diaorang kisah apa kita nie perempuan, larat ke tak), berebut-rebut letak nama HERLEENA.

Dont tell me that they never realise yang I can do the work better than people who are getting much more higher salary? And dont tell me that they they never know yang all this while, HERLEENA is the one who need to make the jobs done... But when it come into something profitable, HERLEENA is invisible...

I hate people who make use of other people for their own benefit... Sorry but that is the truth. And aku paling tak suka buat something just sebab kepentingan peribadi seseorang....

Buat sesiapa yang terasa, maaf... Tapi itu ikhlas dari hati...

My Come Back!!!

It has been quite sometimes I've been 'resting' from bloging. Busy sangat sebenarnya. I was so worried about making money, to give the kids the best for their life. Looking at the kids, I promised myself to give and provide them with the best education & etc. But, never force them...

My 'life' in INTI getiing shorter and shorter. Happy? Of course. Happy for being BRAVE to come out from the COMFORT ZONE. BRAVE for willing to be independent, to work for myself. Happy? Happy sebab dapat keluarkan diri daripada kemelut office politic yang getting worse...

In my personal opinion, I'm proud of myself. Thanks to Azimin sebab beri kekuatan untuk aku jadi lebih berani...