Saturday, December 29, 2007

Langkawi Island - Time To Go Back!!!

Time to go back to KL.... We lepak for almost 3 hours at Starbuck Cafe and bila dah masuk depature hall, flight delayed. And there where we met Dato' Tony Fernandez & team...

Langkawi Island - Telaga Habour & The Loaf

On the way to Cable Car, you will passed by this places... The Loaf is a Japanese Bakery owned by our former PM - Tun Dr Mahathir. Yes, the prices are expensive but the taste is very nice. In KL, you can find The Loaf @ Pavillion, KL. Beside that, the view kat depan The Loaf tu memang best... banyak kapal2 mewah

Langkawi Island - Four Seasons Resort con't

Langkawi Island - Four Season Resort

A very nice palce... expensive as well. Facilities? Superbbbppp! I wish to get at leat one night stay there but dunno when???

Langkawi Island - Tanjung Rhu Resort

Just jalan-jalan nearby Pantai Kok and we drop by Tanjung Rhu Resort

Langkawi Island - Cable Car / Geopark

Pergi Cable Car tapi tak dapat naik sebab anging terlalu kuat... so, jalan-jalan je la...

Langkawi Island - The Frangipani con't

Some more pics on The Frangipani...

Langkawi Island - The Frangipani

We stayed @ The Frangipani, Pantai Cenang. It's a nice place for relaxing with a private beach and a walking distance to the shopping area - sun spa, sun coffee house, underwater world, etc.... They are having a friendly staff too...

Langkawi Island - Balai Cerap, Angkasa

Azimin's Ecstract Toilet located @ this Balai Cerap, Angkasa Office in Bukit Maulud, Langkawi Island. Its still under constructions and I promise, once its ready I'll download the pics in this blog...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Langkawi Island

It has been quite sometimes dah tak update my blog... banyak sangat kerjanya ditambah pulak dengan most of the pictures were in my sister's friend camera (thanks Am for borrowing us your digi cam!!!) It was a nightmare when Azimin misplaced his camera (pentax) untuil now and Wieza dah terjatuhkan dia punya camera dalam laut masa kat Tioman last few months. Tension!!! Nasib baik Wieza bawak Am punya camera.

Azimin, wieza & me went to Langkawi on 30th Nov till 2nd dec 2007 (fri - sun). Wieza went back a day earlier sebab dia kena kerja Sabtu petang tu. Our itinerary lebih kurang like this:

Duration: 30th Nov 2007 - 2nd Dec 2007
Fly by: Air Asia
Hotel: The Frangipani, Pantai Cenang (

Once we reached Langkawi, we rented a car and straight to Balai Cerap (Angkasa Office) dekat Bukit Maulud. Tengok progress for Azimin's Estract Toilet yang tengah construct. Almost an hour kat sana and lepas tu we went to Kuah for lunch. After lunch, we did some survey for Azimin's PhD research paper. 4pm, baru we all check-in @ Frangipani. Its a nice eco-hotel.

Malam, we all makan seafood dekat Pantai Cenang. So GOOD!!! And malam tu, we all lepak-lepak dekat the hotel's cafe, atas kapal!!!

Wieza went back with the first flight on Saturday. So, Azimin & me tingaal kat Langkawi meneruskan kerja-kerja yang bertangguh kat sini sambil jalan-jalan makan angin.

It was a LIMA Week. So, most of the hotel were fully booked. Lucky we knew Anthony Wong (the Frangipani's owner) since he is one of the Langkawi Geopark Committee Members. He gave us a good price for 3 days 2 nights stayed.

The second days started with a visit to the Estract Toilet's site. Then, we went to Cable Car tapi tak dapat naik coz angin kuat. Petang, mandi laut (Frangipani has a very nice private beach). And malam, Azimin and me went to Sun Spa (just next to Frangipani) for some mental relaxation (hahaha!!!). I feel so fresh after that. Azimin sampai tertidur and siap berdengkur lagi masa diaorg massage dia... Apalah...

Azimin and me do love this spa spa things. Here, memang susah nak cari spa yang mens boleh gie massage (most of it semuanya kat hotel and its KL price!!!) Kalau kat sini, I always go to Serenity Spa in Bangi. We did ask and depa 'berat' nak massage lelaki...

Oleh sebab dah melabur kat SunSpa (owned by Japanese Lady), we walked along the kedai2 in Pantai Cenang and beli burger for dinner!!!

We went back from Langkawi with the last Air Asia flight on Sunday. Guess what??? We met Dato' Tony Fernandez, Dato' Pahamin Rejab and their Air Asia people @ Langkawi Airport. Rupanya, they were in the same flight with us. Dato' Tony Fernandez is a really humble man and I really admire his personality... He went from one seat to one seat just to thank us for flying with Air Asia and apologies for the delay due to some burning @ Medan Airport...