Friday, June 29, 2007

Meeting Old Buddies In Friendster

Hahaha... seems like i'm really ketinggalan... got a called from Kyled (my x-mozac mate), talking so much about our mozac friends. i'm wondering how she could get to know about them. she mentioned to me about FRIENDSTER... she was the one yang beria-ia suruh register for friendster.

after all, i found out that i did registered somewhere in 2005 but tak active jer... so, i just refresh my friendster and guess what? now i managed to keep in touch with the muzaffarians. the best part is dapat view their pictures. macam tak percaya yg some of them change a lot. ada yg dulu masa sekolah kurus kering, now dah put on weight. ada yg dulu chubby, now dah kurus... but KYLED, you're still mcm masa kita kat MOZAC dulu. Berapa berat kau ha???

keep in touch with those who are being quiet for so long is the wonderful moment in my life. after so long lost contact with Kia (Syakira Adliana), my adik angkat kat mozac dulu, suddenly today i got a message from her. what's a surprise??? the second surprise, she's married. oh my God, she looks pretty & matured... the next surprise, her parents just moved to their new house and it's in the same neighbourhood as mine...

Thanks Kyled for the FRIENDSTER!!!

My ALAM...

God gift... only that i can say. my ALAM FIRDAUS FARHIN is growing up and started to learn all the baby stuffs... he cries when he feel hungry, asking for milk. ANGGUN? she is a very helpful sister in the begining, and very excited to look into her little brother.

it was quite exhausted to take care of both of them esp when i back to work. aduh!!! just God know how do i feel.... but then, alhamdulillah, i used to it...

So friends... the mummy to be, good luck!!!